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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Are there women who like their men to be more feminine?

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Hello everyone,  I received a great question that was sent to me anonymously and I am very anxious to give my input regarding this question.

Question:  Are there women who like their men to be more feminine?

SashaMoniqueTalks:  There are so many women who like a man who has facial features like a woman, and a man who is quite androgynous.  The perfect persons who would fit this example would be the singers Prince, Michael Jackson, Boy George, and Adam Lambert.

 There have been rumors of them being gay or bisexual, but I know one thing, there are so many women who are crazy about these men.  Why?  Because they are comfortable in their own skin and they have a look that is so relatable to women.

You can always count on them to be well dressed for the occasion and they command loads of attention. Some women do not have a problem with their man wearing makeup, and nail polish.

I have known many women who were married and some still are, to a men who are considered feminine.  As long as the person who is dating or married to a feminine man is okay with it, there is no reason for anyone else to judge.

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A feminine acting or looking man can steal your heart with his gentle touch or his gentle ways.  So the answer to you is, absolutely, there are women who like their men to be more feminine.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

What does independence and being independent means to you?

The word (independent) has been thrown around for many years.  It means a lot to me because my mom has always instilled the values of independence.  She let us know from a young age that we had to be independent and that no man was going to take care of us.  Honestly, the thought was a bit scary to me but I could always hear her words "be independent."

I am independent but there are times that I think that I am being so independent that I will not let anyone do anything good for me and this could be a problem.

Independence is standing on your own and a lot of times it means being alone.  There are so many decisions that you are responsible for.  What I like about being and staying independent is that I am in charge of my life.  I do not have to wait for someone to control me or my actions.  I can live anywhere that I want and come and go as I please.

You see the tree behind me?  It is standing alone holding up its own branches.  A tree is powerful because it provides shade and it is very essential to the quality of air that is around us.   A women is very powerful because she brings forth life.  She usually nurtures her family and her hard work shows.

Being independent is having a strong mind, which means that you do not go with the crowd, you are a leader!  Trusting God, is sure way that you can remain independent because he will strengthen and bless you, so you can do all the things that you set your heart and mind to do.  He is the only one that you can truly trust.  When you are quiet, and still, he will lead you in the right direction that man cannot do.

Stay grounded and trust your intuition!  

Monday, January 21, 2019

*Attention! I would love to answer questions about love and relationships on my blog*

Ask, Sign, Design, Creative, InformationAre you going through a dilemma and you need some advice?  I am here to answer your questions on  my blog.  I am not a Doctor or Psychiatrist but I am a woman who have lived through many things and overcame them all and I can give you great advice.
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You can send all questions to and submit all of your questions.
You can remain anonymous and I will protect your identity.

*Why are you tiptoeing around your boyfriend or your spouse?*

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Why are you tiptoeing around your boyfriend or  your spouse?

Ladies, I miss you all and glad to be back.  I wanted to touch on this subject because there are a lot of women who are dating or married to a spouse that they are really afraid of.  Speaking about this subject is very easy for me because I have been in this situation myself and I often wonder how this all began.

Being bullied in your childhood whether it is from a kid at school or a parent who do the bullying, it sets up mistrust, low self esteem, sadness, and inner pain.  You learn that this is the way life is, so, when you meet this person, they can see by your demeanor, you are a (victim).  You did not mean for this to happen because you would never pick this type of life for yourself.
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People who are abusive will be nice at first and then, they will size you up and see where you are weak at and they will use it against you.  They may tell you "you complain to much," or make fun of you in some kind of way.  First, you will be a little startled but you will tell yourself that it was (nothing) and you will carry on with your life.  This is the time that you should have confronted that person when it first went down like this.
Insecurity, Fear, Isolated, WorriedYou didn't trust yourself to stand up for yourself and now you are in this mess; tiptoeing around someone who you love.
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How do I get out of this situation?

  • Get therapy.
  • learn how to say "no" right away.
  • Remember that, "what  you see is what you get."
  • Tell someone; you are being controlled or abused.
  • Call people out on their "BS" as soon as they bring it to you.
  • Love yourself more than you love anyone.
  • Leave that monster!
  • Trust your instincts and avoid people who are narcissists.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Your husband is abusive to you, but you are surprised that he is abusing your child.

Your husband is abusive to you, but you are surprised that he is abusing your child.

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Hello, everyone:
I know I haven't been posting in a while but I wanted to quickly touch on this conversation.

There are many of you who are in abusive marriages and relationships and you stay in that relationship for a very long time in hopes that this person will magically change and be a better person.

He has shown you on a regular basis who he is.   You have done the things that you thought that would change the relationship for the better like, improving yourself to be everything that you think he wants you to be.

His abusive outburst towards you was never your fault and he knows this but he will continue to batter you because you will not step up and put a stop to this madness.

Lately, your child has been crying a lot and your mate has been slapping this kid around and battering him.  You have made every excuse in the world and you are too afraid to step up and do something with your life.
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Image of a child crying courtesy of Pixabay

If something happens to your beautiful children, you will hold some of the blame and you don't want that.  Please take hold of your life.  Men are a dime a dozen and this man who batters you and your children is a terrible person.

You are patiently waiting for him to get himself together but get your life together and save yourself and your children before something serious happen.

It is never easy to leave someone but think about what could happen if you stay stuck in an abusive marriage.

Hug your child or children and promise them that you will get out of this situation and you get out of it and stay out of it.

Get involved with family court to get all the support that you need for you and your children.  If you are in this situation or have been in this situation please leave a comment below.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

We can see beauty in everything but ourselves!

We can see beauty in everything but ourselves!

It is so funny that we can all see beauty in flowers, art, music, and many other things but we cannot see beauty in ourselves.

I had to confront some things in my life because although I am confident in myself, there are times that I second-guess myself.

My sister gave me a compliment and she said "You can do anything that you put my mind to," at that time I was dealing with internal discouragement and self-doubt.

She gave me a strange look but never said anything.  Honestly, I was talking myself out of being great.

Many times when you are going through some things, it is so hard to accept praise and you also don't feel beautiful.
 The truth is, God gave us everything that we need to create a beautiful life and we just have to grasp
the concept of being everything that he needs us to be and live our best life and do the best that we can.

We are beautiful because of the life we were given.  If you do not feel beautiful he gives us the tools to make ourselves into that beautiful portrait that we wish to be.  No, we may not look beautiful to everyone, but, as long as we can live in our beauty and accentuate the positives that we do have, we will live our truth and grab hold of the wonderful things that we are given in this life.
Be beautiful and be great and accept your beauty standard and live and create your beautiful life.
Take time for yourself and take the time to just relax and smell the beautiful roses.

 Break the habit of self-doubt and believe that you can do anything and have any beautiful thing that the Lord gave you the tools to create.
Give thanks to the Lord for giving you this life and don't be afraid to ask him to help you to make changes in your life that will propel you to move forward and not be stuck in self-doubt.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Carefully plan your family ladies!

Carefully plan your family ladies!
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Hello, Ladies, I just want to talk to you for a few minutes.  I have watched many videos on YouTube and I am seeing young women with very large families.  Five children or more, some of you married some not.

I think having babies and a beautiful family is essential but I am seeing too many of you young moms with many children.  Ladies you will have to think about how this will impact your lively hood.

How are you going to truly be successful while trying to raise all these children?

When your kids get older, it takes an astounding amount of money to clothe and feed these kids.  If you want your kids to go to College, it would be very difficult to send them because of financial strain.

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I am not trying to be mean but I want to see women be able to have a fulfilling and prosperous life. If you have a large family, I take my hat off to you because it takes a lot to properly maintain a big family.

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If you have a husband, what if he leaves you or passes away, what will you do?
You have to carefully take this into consideration.

Many of you who have these big families are not able to work due to your family size and it put an added strain on Men to have to work extra jobs to provide for your family and that means that Dad is never home and when he is, he don't have time to deal with your children.

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What if you and your spouse pass away, who do you think is going to raise all these kids?
I am not scolding you, but, please think about your future and educate yourself.  You are better than just bearing a lot of kids.

You are great, be great Ladies!