How to find a good man.

Hello, Ladies.  A lot of you want to know how to find a good man and what characteristics are associated with a good man.  Below you will see different video's speaking on this subject.  Watch these video's and also take notes.

                                                    Ask Steve, Where Can I Find A Good Man?

                          Steve Harvey's Advice For Successful Women Who Can't Find A Good Man

                                                          How To Find A Good Black Man
                                              The Qualities Of A Good Man- Dr. Myles Munroe                                                                                                                          

How Could You Do That To Your Child (Commentary)

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.  This week I don't have any questions to answer so I decided to speak on some subjects that I have seen or heard throughout my life.

I have known people who have had children in their teens, and of course, it was a mistake but they decided that they were going to work and go to school in order to improve their lot in life.  These ladies left the state where they were living and moved to an area that is known for having job growth and their intentions were to make money to send back home, to take care of their children that they, unfortunately, had to leave behind.

These ladies go out and find a job and they honor their obligations and send money back home but over time, they will start to disassociate with their children because they want a life of their own.  They will start to meet men and get into a new relationship.  Many times, the man will not know that these ladies have children till a lot of time have passed.

Unfortunately, the woman usually g…

~Secrets, Secrets, And Lies They Tell!!!

Secrets, Secrets, And Lies They Tell.

You walk around with a big Koolaid smile making sure that everything looks alright to the outside world.  You think you are hiding because you were taught to be strong when sometimes being strong is being weak.  You are weak because you are not being real with yourself.  Everything from the outside looks perfect when perfection seldom, exist.

Smiling and grinning when all Hell is falling around you.  Scared to look anything but perfect is your cross to bear.  Everyone knows your secret and the jig is up. Scared to fail, scared to shed a tear in public when your heart has been broken numerous times.  You imprisoned yourself without a sentence because you have been in jail since forever.

I don't know why you put all this pressure on yourself because you are loved.  You are loved by the people you are trying to impress.  These are the people who were willing to hold your head and your hand when you crie…

Janet Jackson's Baby Boy ( So Cute)

It is still hard to believe that Janet Jackson is a mother.  I found video's with her and her newborn and they are so cute, so I am sharing them with you.

Changing Your Mindset To Get Ready For A Successful Relationship

Changing Your Mindset To Get Ready For A Successful Relationship

Changing your mindset isn't easy because sometimes you are not aware of different things and attitudes you need to change to have success in your relationship.

Relationship killers:  Jealousy, causing arguments, being a know it all, and giving up too easily.
I have exhibited some of these traits myself because of past hurts and disappointments and it can become as toxic as a Cancer.  Learning how to change and work on yourself is the best prescription for this kind of behavior.

There is give and take in a relationship and if no one is not listening or willing to work on your relationship, then, it is dead.

Relationship pointers:  We all have intuition and a lot of times we are correct about the things that you are feeling but what if you didn't judge a person correctly and you are wrong, then you will throw a relationship away without really finding out the truth.  If you need answers …

She is asking for a Divorce but I don't want one.

Anonymous Question:  I got married very young to this beautiful lady and we have been married six years.  I am very attracted to her and she is in great shape.  The problem is, we have one child together but I have put her down many times and made fun of her about her looks.

 She looks fine but I am really jealous of her and very insecure with myself. I have slapped her on many occasions and I refuse to let her go out with her friends because I am scared she will find someone else.  She has filed for a Divorce but I do not want one and I am willing to change my way's.  I forgot to add that I have two kids from another relationship while married to her.  How can I get my beautiful wife back?

SashaMoniqueTalks:  You said that you got married very young and you do not want a Divorce but honestly, you did not give your wife the love and respect that she deserves.  I believe that you love her but the way you showed it, confused her.

 What you can do is call her and tell her all the th…