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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Your husband is abusive to you, but you are surprised that he is abusing your child.

Your husband is abusive to you, but you are surprised that he is abusing your child.

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Hello, everyone:
I know I haven't been posting in a while but I wanted to quickly touch on this conversation.

There are many of you who are in abusive marriages and relationships and you stay in that relationship for a very long time in hopes that this person will magically change and be a better person.

He has shown you on a regular basis who he is.   You have done the things that you thought that would change the relationship for the better like, improving yourself to be everything that you think he wants you to be.

His abusive outburst towards you was never your fault and he knows this but he will continue to batter you because you will not step up and put a stop to this madness.

Lately, your child has been crying a lot and your mate has been slapping this kid around and battering him.  You have made every excuse in the world and you are too afraid to step up and do something with your life.
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If something happens to your beautiful children, you will hold some of the blame and you don't want that.  Please take hold of your life.  Men are a dime a dozen and this man who batters you and your children is a terrible person.

You are patiently waiting for him to get himself together but get your life together and save yourself and your children before something serious happen.

It is never easy to leave someone but think about what could happen if you stay stuck in an abusive marriage.

Hug your child or children and promise them that you will get out of this situation and you get out of it and stay out of it.

Get involved with family court to get all the support that you need for you and your children.  If you are in this situation or have been in this situation please leave a comment below.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

We can see beauty in everything but ourselves!

We can see beauty in everything but ourselves!

It is so funny that we can all see beauty in flowers, art, music, and many other things but we cannot see beauty in ourselves.

I had to confront some things in my life because although I am confident in myself, there are times that I second-guess myself.

My sister gave me a compliment and she said "You can do anything that you put my mind too," at that time I was dealing with internal discouragement and self-doubt.

She gave me a strange look but never said anything.  Honestly, I was talking myself out of being great.

Many times when you are going through some things, it is so hard to accept praise and you also don't feel beautiful.
 The truth is, God gave us everything that we need to create a beautiful life and we just have to grasp
the concept of being everything that he needs us to be and live our best life and do the best that we can.

We are beautiful because of the life we were given.  If you do not feel beautiful he gives us the tools to make ourselves into that beautiful portrait that we wish to be.  No, we may not look beautiful to everyone, but, as long as we can live in our beauty and accentuate the positives that we do have, we will live our truth and grab hold of the wonderful things that we are given in this life.
Be beautiful and be great and accept your beauty standard and live and create your beautiful life.
Take time for yourself and take the time to just relax and smell the beautiful roses.

 Break the habit of self-doubt and believe that you can do anything and have any beautiful thing that the Lord gave you the tools to create.
Give thanks to the Lord for giving you this life and don't be afraid to ask him to help you to make changes in your life that will propel you to move forward and not be stuck in self-doubt.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Carefully plan your family ladies!

Carefully plan your family ladies!
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Hello, Ladies, I just want to talk to you for a few minutes.  I have watched many videos on YouTube and I am seeing young women with very large families.  Five children or more, some of you married some not.

I think having babies and a beautiful family is essential but I am seeing too many of you young moms with many children.  Ladies you will have to think about how this will impact your lively hood.

How are you going to truly be successful while trying to raise all these children?

When your kids get older, it takes an astounding amount of money to clothe and feed these kids.  If you want your kids to go to College, it would be very difficult to send them because of financial strain.

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I am not trying to be mean but I want to see women be able to have a fulfilling and prosperous life. If you have a large family, I take my hat off to you because it takes a lot to properly maintain a big family.

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If you have a husband, what if he leaves you or passes away, what will you do?
You have to carefully take this into consideration.

Many of you who have these big families are not able to work due to your family size and it put an added strain on Men to have to work extra jobs to provide for your family and that means that Dad is never home and when he is, he don't have time to deal with your children.

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What if you and your spouse pass away, who do you think is going to raise all these kids?
I am not scolding you, but, please think about your future and educate yourself.  You are better than just bearing a lot of kids.

You are great, be great Ladies!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

What is keeping you from sleeping at night?

What is keeping you from sleeping at night?

Have you gotten some bad news; a job loss or a loss of a relationship?  Maybe you just started a job and you feel that it is not going to work out, so you are up at this hour thinking about what you are going to do.

We all have things that we are dealing with including me, I am up to thinking about my future and my next move.

Counting sheep is not going to work tonight lol, but, if you see that you are not sleeping for a week, then it is time to do something about it.

Go to your Doctor or talk to your local Pharmacist to see if they can advise you and get you back to getting a full nights sleep.

I have restless nights from time to time also but losing sleep is not healthy because it can cause your Heart to race and it will affect your performance at work.

If you are dealing with depression, please find a Therapist and see if this will help you sort things out.
There is no shame in getting healthy physically and mentally.

Also, don't forget to talk to God about your problems and I just want you to know that bad times don't last forever.

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Well, my friend, I have talked enough, so I will now turn over and get some shut eye and I hope for the same thing for you, GoodNight.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Are you looking raggedy because you are not in a relationship?

Are you looking raggedy because you are not in a relationship?

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I asked this question because I have seen it many times throughout my life.  Heck, I have even done it and didn't know that I was until I looked at some old pictures.

Life happens and depending what is going on, you may not even care about the way you look.  I am not talking about being super dressed up every day.

What we don't realize is the fact that sometimes we are depressed and don't even know it.  So what, your last relationship didn't work.  Fix yourself up and try again if that is what you want to do.

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If you have removed yourself from a relationship and have to start all over again, remember to stay clean and neat. 

Take care of your skin and your health because this is very important.  Style your hair in a simple but classic style that is easy to maintain.

When you are not in a relationship, it is the perfect time to concentrate on you and pamper yourself.  Don't be so wrapped up in having a relationship, that you lose yourself and your self-respect.

Find some new hobbies, watch YouTube videos to learn beauty tips, and fill your days and nights with new endeavors to focus your attention on.

I realized that I come first and to never be so wrapped up in another person, that I let myself go.  Make yourself beautiful, no matter what your financial status is.

Never compare yourself to another person because you are unique and you possess very special qualities that God put in you.

He never intended for us to be a clone.  So, beautiful lady, take care yourself and love yourself.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bye, Bye, Bill Cosby! (Sex Offender)

Bye, Bye, Bill Cosby! (Sex Offender)

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Image Courtesy Of Pixabay

By now, you all know that Bill Cosby was convicted on all three counts of indecent sexual assault.  I am so glad that justice has come to the victims of his crimes.

If you have never been a young girl, woman, boy, or man who has been victimized, you will never know what you go through.

I was a victim of sexual assault and it turned my world around.  Never able to feel safe, and secure.  Never able to trust anyone is a part of my story.

Sexual assault will impact you throughout your whole life and it is not one day that goes by that you won't think about being assaulted.

The Bill Cosby Trial has given us victims a new voice and we now know that we don't have to no longer be silent.

If you are being assaulted, please tell somebody and also get yourself into Therapy.  If you are a young person, please tell anyone who will listen, don't go through it alone.

This assault was not your fault so please do not blame yourself, we all have a story but before, no one would listen; we now have a voice because of the harm you caused, Bill Cosby.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

The cause of most breakups is because of financial difficulties. Affiliate Marketing may be for you.

The cause of most breakups is because of financial difficulties. Affiliate Marketing may be for you!

Disclaimer: This post contains Affiliate Links.

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Many relationships start off good but when the bills start coming and the heavy use of credit card use it usually results in debt and that can cause an otherwise great relationship turn sour very fast.

The only way to get from under the strain of having debt is to get rid of your credit cards and find ways to earn extra money that can be used to pay off those cards and from now on pay cash for all purchases.

There are many ways to you earn money at home.  If you have great computer skills you can get a job as a  Virtual assistant or do Data Entry at home.  You have to thoroughly research the companies that advertise these jobs because some are scams.

Always check out the company with the Better Business Bureau to see if the company has a bad rating and if they do, you know to not waste your time.

Below you will see some videos of people who work at home or give information about what is available.

Note:  Never trust any company who promise that you will make millions of dollars while working from home because they are definitely scams.  There are opportunities but you will not get rich doing them but they will help to provide you with extra money so you can pay off your debt.

You can also start a blog and get into Affiliate Marketing.  You do not have to pay anything to start and you just have to promote your links on your Social Media profiles, and you will start to make money grow a business for yourself through your blog

I like to use ShareASale they are very easy to work with and you will have the opportunity to earn money with them

After a while, you will have all your debts paid and it will help you to re-build your relationship.  

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