Thursday, January 19, 2017

Have You Ever Been In A Bad Relationship But Was Scared To Get Out? SashaMoniqueTalks Breaking Down Barriers

 Hello, everyone.  Have you ever been in love with someone and you just know that you two cannot get along but deep down you really love this person and don't know how to end the relationship?  Well, I have and it is not a place that I would ever like to revisit.  I can remember my heart pounding and the tears flowing.  I remember questioning myself and wondering whether it was my fault that the relationship was not working.  Removing myself from this situation was heartbreaking and very hard to do.

This place and space where I was, was not healthy and I knew that I had to make a move to save myself.  Below, you will see some of the steps that I had to take and where I am now and how my mindset changed.

How I saved my life.
  1. Went to the Library and found self-help books to rebuild my self-esteem and to see where I went wrong in the relationship.
  2. Learned to love me and concentrate on all of my needs.
  3. I decided that I would not concentrate on looks when looking for a mate and to see what was in the man's heart and that he was genuinely in love with me instead of in lust with me. lol
  4. I sincerely prayed for God's guidance and instruction on how to move forward in a positive way.
  5. I made the decision not to date for a while and learn to be happy as a single woman.
  6. I kept myself so busy, so I didn't feel like I was missing something.
  7. Bought myself some special gifts for Valentines Day to celebrate, me.
  8. Started a few hobbies that help to keep my mind off, love and relationships.
  9. Went to some events alone and still had a wonderful time.
  10. Learned how to have friendships with men, without having the pressure of dating.

I have decided that having a relationship doesn't define who I am.  I am wonderful and fabulous, just the way I am and really glad that I don't have all the drama that was in my life.  Trusting your intuition is a way to avoid getting yourself into dangerous and non productive situations.  You have to realize what all the red flags are and learn to avoid them at all cost.

When you have high self worth, Men who would ordinarily talk to you will pass you by and that will make room for men of quality to come into your life.

You deserve a life with a man who will celebrate you and who will add to your life in a positive manner.  Life is short; please do not settle for a man who is unstable because you will be miserable.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Want To Travel Alone, Should I?

Anonymous Question:  I would like to do some travelling this year but I want to go by myself. I have never done this and I feel a little scared but I want to see the world  I am thinking of going to Japan. What should I do?  I will respect your answer.

Sashamoniquetalks:  It is a very nice feeling to travel but you must keep in mind that going somewhere by yourself can be dangerous, You are very young and in my honest opinion I think you should travel with some friends for your first trip because you need to be very careful going to a country you never travelled to.  There is safety in numbers.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

MegaStar After Someone I Am Close To. (Blind Item)

Hello, you all.  I have a blind item, just for you.
There is a young Megastar who have the hots for someone that I am close to.  This entertainer is known to chat back and forth with this person and "begging for a date."  Did I say "begging for a date"  He is so desperate for attention and he has been at this for about four years.  I was shown the proof.  He is worth many, many millions.

Of course, I cannot tell you who this person is, but it is very easy to figure out who I am talking about.  Twitter is his best friend and some other social media outlets.  His best friend is (Christian) lol

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Would You Be Willing To Give Donald Trump A Chance? (Commentary)

Okay, it is no secret that I am not a fan of President-Elec Donald Trump.  I have been thinking a lot lately about whether or not it is a good idea to give Mr. Trump a chance.  He has made a lot of promises which most presidents do.  He is claiming that there will be jobs for everyone who wants a job and that thought in itself is very promising to us all.  We have experienced a lot of broken promises in the past and this could indeed be a false promise but we have to wait and see.

Many people who were never on the poverty level has experienced poverty in the last seventeen years and I think that it is about time for someone to actively step up and do something about this problem.

If Donald Trump lives up to the promises that he made, I will definitely put all my pre-conceived notions behind and support him like I would anyone else but if he doesn't I will just pray that his stay in the  White House isn't long.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Is She Really His Daughter? (Blind Item)

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here is a blind item for you.

There is an entertainer who is known to be in a long marriage and he and his wife live the persona of happiness and fidelity.  They could do no wrong in my eyes; I am a big fan of theirs but, I am sad to report that this man known for good looks and he has a real "distinctive look".  I have always heard rumors about him which I will not get into right now.  Has a secret daughter.  Now I don't know if he ever claimed this daughter and I have to add that he is African American and she is supposedly bi-racial although she doesn't appear to be so at all.

She doesn't look like him at all and he has other kids and they look just like him.  This lady is very beautiful and she is over forty-years-old.  She is very poverty stricken and if it is true that she is his daughter, then this is really sad that she has to live this way.  In all honesty, I believe that this star should take a DNA test because of his "distinctive looks" she should have some identifiable features relating to his.

There are a lot of scammers looking to get the piece of the pie, so to speak.  DNA test was not available when she was born but it can definitely rule out the paternity of this so-called daughter.

If she was found to be his daughter, then she should benefit from her father's fortune.

Friday, January 6, 2017

I Am Dating A Man My Family Thinks Is Beneath Me Financially.

Anonymous Question:  Hi Sashamoniquetalks;  I have been dating a man for eight months and we get along very well but he isn't doing well financially.

  He is four years older than I am but he had a lot of setbacks and I make a lot more money than he does.  This man is really generous with the money that he has but my family thinks he is beneath me.

  Sometimes I feel they are right but they don't know how wonderful he is to me I am trying to have an open mind but should I give this man up for a man with more money?

Sashamoniquetalks:  You told me what job you are in and I will not include it here but you are making so much more than he is.  My question to you is; Is he a hard working man?  Does he have your back?  You said that he is very generous with the money that he has and that is very important.

 If this man is willing to better himself and he treats you well, I would tell you to stay with him.  Everybody don't have the same opportunities in life and if he is a man who isn't trying to use you for your money I say that there is a chance that this relationship will work out.

  You have only been seeing him for eight months and I say that after a year or more you can see where this relationship is headed.  Your family loves you so they are concerned but take your time and enjoy this relationship and if he continues to treat you well, this may be a man you can have a future with.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

She Is A Hot Mess ( Blind Item)

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.
Here is a blind item for you all.  Yes, yes, I cannot disclose who this person is, so don't even ask.

It is no secret that I am a city girl and I take Mass transit.  I was on the bus a few years ago and this lady came on the bus and she didn't have her fare.  She acted like she was out of her mind.  She was dressed in strange apparel from the 1980's.

 You could tell that she was really nice looking in her day.  You could see her rolling her eyes at some of the other passengers.  I put fare in for her because the driver wanted her off the bus.   This interesting lady got off in the next three stops and she stomped off almost bumping into other passengers.  I didn't know who she was but when she got off the bus, another passenger said that they were friends with her brother and she had been very famous back in the day.  I will not reveal what industry she was in but the passenger said that she was given "Angel Dust" back in the day and she has been tripping ever since.

She led a life full of drugs and she has not been able to work in the industry since the late 80's.  She has a very interesting and pretty name.  After this incident, I did a little research and you would be amazed at how famous she used to be.  I believe if this woman would receive some mental health counseling and medication, she really could come back and do great things.