He Lost His Way And Now He Wants You To Bail Him Out!

Hello, everyone.  This is not a question and answers session but something that has happened in my personal life one time or another.

He Lost His Way And Now He Wants You To Bail Him Out!

I was involved with this man many, many, years ago.  He was very self-centered and was only looking for a way to advance his dreams by using women.  He was very attractive and he knew it.  He played the game of pretending to be in love with me to accomplish everything that he wanted.  His caresses and his tender kisses were something out of this world.
After a while, I caught on to his schemes and I was finished with him.  For some reason he felt that after all, I had been through, he had a right to try to re-enter my life.  He didn't realize that this lady had in fact moved on and no longer had feelings to give him a chance.  He didn't have sense enough to have enough pride to not approach me again.
The moral of this story is, never let anyone take you for granted.  If you hurt me once, you wil…

Should I Let My Daughter Go To The Movies With Her Friends?


Anonymous Question:  Hello, Sasha, My daughter wants to go out with friends to the movies and then out to eat.  I trust her friends but their older brother who is 27, likes my fifteen-year-old daughter and she told me she didn't feel comfortable with him in the past.  He makes little comments about her looks and her body shape, he would be the one driving them around.

SashaMoniqueTalks:  I would not let my daughter go out with friends to the movies when you already know that their brother likes your daughter because his infatuation with your daughter is not appropriate at all.  See if her friend's parents will let you be the chaperone and if not, let your daughter go out with her friends where you have personally met their parents and other family members.  You cannot afford to be too lax when it comes to your children.


Why Are You Willing To Be His Side Chick?

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I hear women all the time bragging about taking someone's husband or being in a relationship with a man who has numerous women.  I really had to think and see what they are getting out of this kind of relationship.  Some women have even said that they don't want to be with the man all the time so they choose this kind of relationship because it is flexible; when they don't want to be bothered they know he will go to his wife or the other side chick.  There are a lot of women going with older men to get them to finance their lifestyle and they really are not attracted to this person but they are in it to get what they get.

What You Don't Realize

This man is using you for sex and sometimes for your money, he just wants you around to stroke his ego and when he is tired of dealing with you, he will go to his other woman or his wife, you are just a temporary fix for his sexual appetite.

He complains about his wife, but he is not making a move to le…

You are wearing a dark mask (Rant)

You are wearing a dark mask

You think you know me, you judged me with a heavy hand before you got to really know who I am.  Your over-zealous condemnation was assigned to me.  Everybody thinks that you are the Messiah but instead, you are a worker of iniquity. A charlatan and a fraud.  God knows all the lives that you have destroyed with your judgemental nature.   Your whole problem is, you are controlling and you will not admit it to yourself or others.    You have ruled people with fear and have whipped them every way possible with your forked tongue.  The worst day of my life, you decided that you were going to play God and lash me with false words.  How dare you play with the position that you say, God trusted you with.  How dare you!

You have used extreme fear and punishment to keep people under your wing.  Yes, they secretly hate you but they thought that you had their best interest at heart.  You have to remember that…

Are You Dating A Cheapskate?

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Are You Dating A Cheapskate???

Well, Ladies I have and let me tell you, it was no fun at all.  He tried to fool me Ladies, yes he did because he talked a good game and he spent some money on me but when it came to things that was important to me like Birthdays and Holidays I wasn't pleased at all with his choice of gifts.  Lord, he even came on my Birthday one year and forgot my card and went to the drug store and bought the card and came to my house and signed that bad boy right in front of me.   My thing is this, if you cannot afford to be in a relationship, don't be in one because a relationship is give and take.

You can always tell when a man isn't truly interested in you like he say he is by his actions.  I am not a gold digger by any means and I understand that sometimes people just don't have it, but, don't expect my best if you are not giving me yours.  That is the bottom line!  …

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