Grandpa Wasn't Here But Now He's Here???

He was tall, dark and handsome.  He had the gift of gab that could curl any girls toes. His wife was kind and gentle.  He was a father of many but barely around.  His little boys cried every night because he was in and out and more out than in and they felt rejection at every turn.  A real father he wasn't. One of his children was very hardworking and his father was too proud to show his child love.  A pat on the back or a gentle hug was badly needed

Years passed and grandchildren were born.  Mr. PaPa was proud and larger than life.  His grandchildren were his world as his son grimaced when PaPa showed the grandchildren love that he didn't have.   I guess PaPa thought it was a way of making up to his children if he showed the grandchildren love but that child that just wanted his father to pick him up or tell him that he loved him still needed the love and care that was missing.

This is a lesson to anyone.  Love your children because you can never get the precious day's t…

My Best Friend Had A Child By Another Man.

Anonymous Question:  Hello, Sasha.  My best friend has a twelve-year-old daughter, and she has been married for fifteen years.  Her husband is a very good man and this is their only child.  He has no idea that the child isn't his. I want to tell him but I don't want their marriage to break up.  I even know the child's "Real" father.  He has a feeling that this little girl is his but he said that he would be responsible for child support if he gets a DNA (what a low life!). Should I tell the husband?

Sashamoniquetalks:  I think you should stay out of this because it is really none of your business.  You said that she is your best friend and it is not your duty to turn on her.  In due time the husband will find out but right now this child has a father who really loves her.  Do not break this child's, heart.  The "Real" father doesn't sound responsible and he may do this child a disservice.

You Wanted Me Dead!!!!

You Wanted Me Dead!

You made your appearance and I thought you were perfect.  Moved very fast to catch my attention but you already had your devious intentions.  You played the game so easy to catch me in your web of deception.  You sought me out because you thought I was pliable and could be molded into anything that you wanted.  Never was you concerned about what my dreams were.

Barefoot and pregnant was part of the plan.  You wanted to manipulate me and I walk behind, not thinking that this queen had God by her side.  I questioned him and couldn't find the answer but little that I knew he guided my footsteps.  Battered and broken was my name and he took my hand and gave me courage.  Courage to break free of your devilish scheme. Free to live and free to love.

No longer in your prison that you had planned for me. No longer in the grave that you dug for me.  I am free, never to return to you.  You wanted me dead but now you…

Today Is Mother's Day But Need To Get Something Off My Chest (Father's)

Hello, everyone, today is Mother's Day and it is a great day for us mother's who have worked hard and reared our children.  I have to say this Ladies and Gentlemen, it is hard to do it alone.  I have done it and I would not wish it on my worst enemy but sometimes you have no choice in the matter.  Life throws a curve ball and you have to deal with the hand that you are dealt.  I want fathers to realize that just because your ex is out of your life, gives you no excuse to not support your children.

He or she may be grown now but they are looking for encouragement and support and even advice from you.  Don't think that they are looking for financial support because that may not be the case. Think about the times that your dad took you to play ball or told you that you were doing a great job.  They also had to scold you from time to time; It supported your growth as an adult and as a human being.

Maybe your daughter wanted you to walk her down the aisle or give her advice.  …

~Why Is She So Ratchet?????~

Anonymous Question:  Hello Sasha, My mom is 17 years older than me and I love her so much but I have one problem, she likes to dress younger than I do.  Some of her outfits are really outrageous and she likes to hang around my friends.  My mother was a mom very young in life and she is trying to make up for lost time.  I am so embarrassed for the way she is acting.  My friends like to be around her.  I just want her to be my mom.  Why is she so ratchet?

SashaMoniqueTalks:  I have seen many of these kinds of mothers when I was growing up and they tend to be a lot of fun but I understand what you are saying.  Take your mother shopping and explain to her that you don't like the outfits that she is wearing because they are not appropriate.  She probably is afraid of looking old for her age, but, you can find her outfits that are classy and sexy without being clothes that a teenager would wear. Enjoy your mother because she is young in spirit and I am sure that she loves you.

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How to find a good man.

Hello, Ladies.  A lot of you want to know how to find a good man and what characteristics are associated with a good man.  Below you will see different video's speaking on this subject.  Watch these video's and also take notes.

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